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Happy 4th of July!!

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Our Daily Starch?

Bread. For many generations, bread has been an essential to life for man kind. It was *the* staple of every culture. Bread was healthy. Bread was life sustaining. But now, it seems, bread just makes you fat.

Most likely you can peek at the label of one of your favorite treats and you will see ‘enriched wheat flour’ as a main ingredient. But what IS enriched wheat flour?
Enriched wheat flour is flour that has been bleached and striped of all nutrients until it forms a nutrition-less starch. Enriching is necessary because the processing used to make white flour destroys most of the nutrients that originally were present in the whole grain.
Interestingly, One of the key nutrients added back to white flour is iron, however it is not iron in a usable form, but yet a metallic form our bodies cant process.
White flour is essentially nothing more than a starch, and the body processes it does other starches and sugars. White flour is really nothing more than a refined carbohydrate. It is a great contrast to its Whole Wheat counterpart which is processed by the body in a completely different way.
Whole Wheat flour is absorbed by the body as a grain. It is used for energy and processed slowly by your body.
Enriched Flour is basically a healthy grain striped down to a starch and ‘enriched’ with some of the vitamins and minerals removed in the processing.
 This enriching and bleaching process is esentially why bread is now ‘bad’. This bleaching process took a nutrutuous food which sustained life of all kinds and turned it into a literal killer. This ‘Daily Starch’ sends out bodies through a roller coaster of sugar highs and lows and leads to diabeties, obesidy, heart disease and a whole host of other health problems.
Our daily bread had been turned into our daily starch!!
But, the good news is, flour is NOT bad! Whole Wheat and sprouted flours are an important part of a healthy diet. With Shelf Reliance your can store whole kernels of wheat and grind it to make your own healthy flour!!
Chose Whole Wheat when ever possible… And think of white flour not as a grain, but as the starch/sugar it is once processed by your body.
Reclaim your daily bread!

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Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just need some quiet & some chocolate! And chocolate doesn’t come in many better forms that brownies!

But, an entire pan of brownies is just too tempting!

So, my new best friend, is a Brownies in a Mug,AKA: The 1 Minute Brownie!


4 Tbsp Thrive  Fudge Brownie Mix

2 Tbsp Water

Optional: 1 Tbsp Mix-In (chopped nuts, candies, chocolate chips, ect)

Combine Ingredients. Microwave on high for 1 Minute in heavy mug or cup.

This delicious treat can also be used as a perfect gift!

You can easily package Thrive Brownie Mix in a cone-shaped bag or ziplock baggie. Place baggie in a mug. Decorate with cello bag or curly ribbons. Attach tag with recipe instructions.


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You may have noticed a new section here at Tawny’s Thriving Home, Downloads! Here I will be sharing free goodies for  you to print and use! Go check it out! And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

What’s New:

Is your Magic Mix hiding in your fridge in a bare #10 can? Are you constantly having to dig out your recipe? With this Cute label, your recipe is always accessible & no more bare cans!! Also includes my ‘Helper Mix’!

Go check it out!

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Welcome back! Each day in June I am going to be sharing with you my favorite Shelf Reliance products as part of the 30 Days of Faves blog party.

Thrive Whole Egg Powder

Egg Powder is actually how I learned about Food Storage. I was researching WWII recipes and kept seeing powdered eggs in recipes. I had no idea powdered eggs even existed! But it does and it is awesome!!

I love Thrive Whole Egg Powder! It saves me time and money! I use to constantly run out of eggs when I need them the most. With the long shelf life of Thrive Whole Egg Powder, I never have to run out of eggs again!

Thrive eggs taste great! When I am making a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, I mix half eggs made from Thrive Whole Egg Powder and half fresh eggs. When baking with Thrive Whole Eggs Powder baked goods come out fluffy and delicious!!

Made up of both egg whites and yolks, Thrive Whole Egg Powder is both incredible and edible. Adding eggs to your diet is an easy way to feel the benefits of choline, an important nutrient that most of us don’t get enough of. Eggs are also a great source of protein and several B vitamins.

Since you can use 236 servings in everything from quick and easy breakfasts to elaborate appetizers or traditional dinners, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Use them in pancakes and waffles for fluffiest results! Store a can for 5 years or use it up within 6 months; either way, you’ll love the wholesome taste of Thrive Whole Egg Powder.

Would You Like to try Thrive Whole Egg Powder? Contact me today!


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Welcome Back! Each Day in June I will be sharing with you one of my favorite Shelf Reliance Products as part of the 30 days of Faves Blog Party.

We all need to drink more water…but, water can get boring from time to time! It can be especially hard to get children to drink the recommended amount of fluids daily, that is why I love Thrive Peach Drink!

Thrive Peach drink is so yummy! I love to add a couple teaspoons of Peach Drink to tea for a sweet fruity treat! Kids love it! And It is so much healthier for them than other sugary drinks that are essentially sugar water. Thrive Peach Drink provides Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, & Iron. Thrive Peach Drink is far from just another ‘sugary drink’.

Try These Great Recipes:

Summer Sparkling Peach Fizzer

*1 c Thrive Peach Drink

*1 Bottle Ginger-ale

*1 c Cold Water

*Thrive Freeze Dried Peaches

Mix Thrive Peach drink with water. Add ginger-ale and stir well. Garnish with Thrive Freeze Dried Peaches.


Sparkling Peach Ice Tea

* 2 tea bags

* 2 c boiling water

*4 c Ice cubes

*12 oz giner-ale

*1/3 c Thrive Peach Drink

*Thrive Freeze Dried Peaches

Bring the water to a boil and remove from heat.Place the tea bags in a large tea pot and pour the hot water over them. Cover and steep for 3 minutes. Uncover the pot and remove the tea bags.Add Thrive Peach Drink. Stir. Add the ice cubes to the tea and let cool (uncovered). When the tea has cooled to room temperature, transfer it to a pitcher, cover and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

When ready to serve, fill 4 tall glasses with ice. Fill the glasses 3/4 full with tea and top them off with ginger ale. Garnish each glass with a peach slice.

Do You have a yummy peach drink recipe you would like to share? Interested in ordering some Thrive Peach Drink and getting you and your children off that ‘sugar water’? Would you like to sample some yummy Thrive Products? Contact me today!


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We love easy around here. And we have all been brain washed into believing those boxed ‘helper’ recipes are as easy as it gets.

With a whopping 110 Calories in the mix alone and a lengthy list of unhealthy ingredients and preservative, there must be a better way!

Making homemade hamburger helper could not be easier!! You make up a basic ‘mix’ and add noodles and meat as you see fit. You could easily layer noodles, mix and spice into mason jars to give as gifts or as a quick meal. With options such as freeze dried meats or TVP, quick ‘helper’ style meals have never been easier!!

Homemade ‘Helper’ Mix

  • 1 1/4 tsp. black pepper
  • 1 Tbs. garlic powder
  • 2 Tbs. dried parsley
  • 1/3 cup Thrive Freeze Dried Onion
  • 1 Tbs. salt
  • 1 2/3 cup Thrive Powdered milk
  • 3 1/2 Tbs. Thrive beef bouillon

Mix this all up and store in a glass jar or other sealed container.

Use 1/2 cup for each pound of ground meat.

The Nutrition Info for this basic mix comes to about the following: 41 Calories, less than 1g of fat
Basic Preparation:

  • 1 pound meat (Thrive Freeze Dried Beef, Thrive Beef TVP, or seasoned browned ground beef)
  • 1/2 cup of  ‘helper’ mix (above)
  • 1 to 2 cups noodles (elbow macaroni for example)
  • 1 1/2 to 3 cups water

Stir in meat, dry mix, then add 2 cups hot water and 2 cups noodles. You can add more or less water and noodles, proportionately, depending on much you need to stretch that pound of beef. Bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer, cover, and cook until noodles are tender, about 20 minutes.

This Recipe is easily adaptable to what you have on hand and what you are hungry for. Looking for a cheese burger? Add Thrive Cheese Blend or Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Throw in some Bacon TVP for a bacon Cheese burger! With Thrive Freeze Dried vegetables, its easy to add corn, green beans, or other yummy veggies to your helper meal. Just dd them when you add the noodles. Looking for a comfort food: Instead of macaroni, add 2-3 cups very thinly sliced potatoes. Simmer 20-30 minutes until potatoes are tender. Uncover and simmer until liquid has evaporated.

This recipe is easily adapted to your families dietary needs. Use whole grain pasta. Or gluten Free Pasta. Season and adjust the recipe to your needs and taste.

When you do the math this recipe is an incredible money saver!! You could easily take the $2 or so it takes to buy one preboxed ‘helper’ meal and buy enough pasta to make this recipe 2-3 times! The ‘Helper’ Mix cost about $2 to make & makes about 6 servings, so this mix is going to cost you about $.30 per serving!

With this mix you are going to save time. You can easily customize it to what you have. You are going to save shelf space, all those ‘helper’ boxes take quite a bit of room. You are going to save money, preboxed foods are expensive, and you are going to save your family’s health.

Ready to start making your mix? Go to my online store to get the very best in freeze dried and shelf stable foods. Contact me about making the most of your ‘home store’, or book a ‘make a mix’ party and share this and other great mixes with your friends while earning free products!


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