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With the recent Tornadoes, Wildfires, and other disaster occurring around the country, many are asking the question “How Can We Help?”.

One of the greatest needs during a disaster is Food.

And food banks QUICKLY become depleted or the foods they have expire. The VERY BEST thing you can donate when it comes to food is SHELF STABLE foods.

Most Thrive foods have a 25 year shelf life, making them incredibly shelf stable.

Food is one of our comforts. During a hard period, little makes us feel as well as a good home cooked meal. Thrive foods taste great and are easy to prepare.

Keeping a home store, enables you to have shelf stable foods on hand to donate to local food banks or causes. You can also purchase Thrive products directly from my website and have them sent to the families or organizations in need.

During a time of need the second most common need is Money.

Thrive donates 5% of the profit from Thrive foods to their Charity: Thriving nations.

Thrive products are very economical, allowing many families to donate both food and money. Also, by maintaining a home store, you can make tangible donations without cutting into your budget. This also allows for more giving of financial funds when possible.

Also, for many causes, if you contact me ahead of time, I happy to donate a portion of my profits of the supplies purchased from my website for donation, to your cause. This allows you to make a tangible donation of shelf stable foods that are both tasty and nutritious, and know that the purchase of the products will generate funds to be donated to the cause.

Others Ways To Help

How many times have you heard of a young mother on bed rest, or a family who lost a loved one and wanted to help? Many times you’d like to provide the family with a tasty and comforting meal. However, you don’t have the meat, produce, or time to prepare the meal. And you certainly can’t tap into your budget for another trip to the grocery store. With a Well stocked Home Store, you have healthy, nutritious, easy to prepare foods on stock and on hand at all times. So cooking an extra meal or two is no problem at all.

A Home Store and Thrive Foods Allow for many ministry opportunities!

You Might could say its

“Less Martha, and More Mary”

~ Go to TawnysThrivingHome.com to shop products and get the best deals on food storage and emergency preparation products.~

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Your making dinner. Everything is going perfect. You mix your dry ingredients in your bowl for your families favorite Corn Bread. You open the fridge to find… YOUR OUT OF MILK AGAIN! How will you finish dinner? What will the wee ones drink to give them a full tummy before bed? You NEED milk!!

You or your darling husband make a mad dash to the store for the precious commodity. You can run up to the local connivence store, where the milk is not as fresh & almost a dollar more expensive. Or you can go the 10 miles to the local grocery store for your usual brand.

You loose precious time with your family && husband. Dinner is delayed making everyone cranky, especially the youngest members of your family.

You spend extra cash, not allowed in your carefully planned grocery budget.
You spend about $6.00 on extra gas (15 mpg at $3.50/gal about 20 miles round trip to the grocery store). While in the store every delicious candy bar and sweet treat catches your eye. After all, your hungry, it’s just before dinner time. You pick up a soda at $1.50 and a candy bar for $1.00. You’ve already tacked on $8.50 to that $3.75 gal of milk!! That is quite a bit of money wasted!!

Fuel. $6.00
Extras. $2.50
+ Milk. $3.75
$12.25 for 1 gal of milk
+priceless time with your family

What if there were another option? What if you could have delicious flavorful milk waiting for you anytime you needed it?! What if this milk was in expensive and has at 25 year shelf life??

Welcome to THRIVE && the benefits of creating and maintaining a ‘home store’. All the food your family loves right there in your home’ waiting for you!!

Thrive Instant milk #10 can makes over 5 gallons of milk at $19.95 (about $3.89 a gallon) and has a shelf life of 25 years! (And by hosting a party you can get this and other products at a great discount!!) Just purchasing one can gives you security that you will never have to make an expensive milk run again!! With sky rocketing fuel cost, the cost of foods, especially milk, will also keep going up and up. Why not allocate some of your grocery budget toward stocking up on Thrive milk? This gives the the insurance and security of knowing no matter how expensive milk gets, you have delicious healthy milk available for your family which you purchased for a lower cost.

Food Storage && a Home Store is a win win option for you and your family!!

~ Go to TawnysThrivingHome.com to shop products and get the best deals on food storage and emergency preparation products.~

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