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How Prepared are you? If you and your family had to evacuate, what would you take? If you faced a power outage, how would you eat? What would you do in a disaster situation?

Most of us are not prepared. It is just not something you think about. Unless you live in an area with hurricanes, you have probably never had to think about evacuation. You can read about my recent ‘Wake up Call’ to the importance of being prepared here. In the middle of Texas, we were facing a situation in which we may need to evacuate with 5 minutes notice! We were completely and totally unprepared!!

Both Fema and the Red Cross recommend you have a 72 Hour Kit.

So What is a 72 Hour Kit?

A 72 hour kits is your basic supplies and necessities for 72 hours. You need one kit or bag for every member of your family. This kit is something you can grab and go. It can be very simple,containing the bare essentials, or it can be very detailed containing all sorts of survival tools and essentials.

Here are the FEMA recommendations for the your kit:

An emergency can happen at anytime & any place!

Since you do not know where you will be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for home, work, and vehicles.

Home Work Car
Your disaster supplies kit should contain essential food, water, and supplies for at least three days.Keep this kit in a desig­nated place and have it ready in case you have to leave your home quickly. Make sure all family members know where the kit is kept.Additionally, you may want to consider having supplies for sheltering for up to two weeks. This kit should be in one container, and ready to “grab and go” in case you are evacuated from your workplace.Make sure you have food and water in the kit. Also, be sure to have com­fortable walking shoes at your workplace in case an evacuation requires walking long distances. In case you are strand­ed, keep a kit of emer­gency supplies in your car.This kit should contain food, water, first aid supplies, flares, jumper cables, and seasonal supplies.


Shelf Reliance makes being prepared easy!

Many emergencies don’t allow time for people to assemble even the most basic items, which makes it all the more necessary to own the supplies your family requires. Shelf Reliance offers first aid kits and outdoor gear that you can add to your own emergency kit with our Emergency Planner. Simply enter your family’s information and select a few personal settings, and the planner will provide you with a list of all the materials you need. Customize your emergency kit today using the Shelf Reliance Emergency Kit Planner.

Shelf Reliance also offers several pre-assembled emergency kits. Here are just a few of the great kits offered. You can see all the pre-assembled kits here.


Providence Extreme 2 Person Kit

Vigilance Basic 72hr Kit

Expedition Starter Kit for 4


With Shelf Reliance you are always prepared! 

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*Purchase “pre-assembles” 72-Hour Kit

Ready.gov – More info on being prepared


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With the recent Tornadoes, Wildfires, and other disaster occurring around the country, many are asking the question “How Can We Help?”.

One of the greatest needs during a disaster is Food.

And food banks QUICKLY become depleted or the foods they have expire. The VERY BEST thing you can donate when it comes to food is SHELF STABLE foods.

Most Thrive foods have a 25 year shelf life, making them incredibly shelf stable.

Food is one of our comforts. During a hard period, little makes us feel as well as a good home cooked meal. Thrive foods taste great and are easy to prepare.

Keeping a home store, enables you to have shelf stable foods on hand to donate to local food banks or causes. You can also purchase Thrive products directly from my website and have them sent to the families or organizations in need.

During a time of need the second most common need is Money.

Thrive donates 5% of the profit from Thrive foods to their Charity: Thriving nations.

Thrive products are very economical, allowing many families to donate both food and money. Also, by maintaining a home store, you can make tangible donations without cutting into your budget. This also allows for more giving of financial funds when possible.

Also, for many causes, if you contact me ahead of time, I happy to donate a portion of my profits of the supplies purchased from my website for donation, to your cause. This allows you to make a tangible donation of shelf stable foods that are both tasty and nutritious, and know that the purchase of the products will generate funds to be donated to the cause.

Others Ways To Help

How many times have you heard of a young mother on bed rest, or a family who lost a loved one and wanted to help? Many times you’d like to provide the family with a tasty and comforting meal. However, you don’t have the meat, produce, or time to prepare the meal. And you certainly can’t tap into your budget for another trip to the grocery store. With a Well stocked Home Store, you have healthy, nutritious, easy to prepare foods on stock and on hand at all times. So cooking an extra meal or two is no problem at all.

A Home Store and Thrive Foods Allow for many ministry opportunities!

You Might could say its

“Less Martha, and More Mary”

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In rural america we are fairly accustomed to short power outages last a few hours to all night. But a disaster can bring with it outages that last much longer.

Due to the recent wild fires, many are without power for various reasons. Some have no idea when or for how long power will be restored. These people have no been forced to evacuate due to the wild fires, but they are facing the effects of the disaster in their own homes.

A few things to think about:

– With out power, How will you:

* Cook

* Shower

* Maintain the foods you have stores in your refrigerator and freezer

* Get water for drinking

* Get water to operate your toilet

* Get your news and weather information

* Get information on emergency survival

* Charge cell phones & other communication devices

Freeze Dried foods, such as those we have at my online store, Tawnysthrivinghome.com, are great to keep in your home for everyday use and emergency situations. They can be used by simply adding water. They require no refrigeration or freezing. They taste great and are an excellent source of nutrition. Best of all, most products have a 25 year shelf life, so they can always be kept on hand.

Shelf reliance also sells other emergency needs and camping products, by using the Q you can actually earn points to purchase some of these items for free. These items include portable stoves and cookware for heating foods, emergency radios, solar-powered items, an emergency radio that is solar-powered and can charge your cell phone, and water storage and purifying items, and much more. The website also offers an emergency planner to help you decide what is best for you and your family.

With a well stocked pantry and “home store” you are not only saving time and money but you are also prepared for the things that may come up along the way.

The recent fires have brought up other questions.

What about Road Blocks?

Many local roads have been blocked off as a result of the wild fires.

This can result in several different potential problems for those who do not have a well stocked pantry.

Road blocks often mean supply trucks can not get to local grocery stores to replenish stock. A stock that during a disaster is likely to need stocking more than ever. Supply trucks may also be unable to reach gas stations. You may not be able to easily get in or back out of a particular area.

When you need emergency supplies is often when they are hardest to get too.

In this case, being prepared is key. 

Keeping first aid, emergency, and food supplies on hand is essential. Wal-mart may run out of eggs and milk as customers try to “stock up” as disaster hits and supply trucks are limited. But if you have stocked your ‘home store’ with Thrive whole egg powder and Thrive instant milk, the shortage will not affect you and your family. In fact, you may be able to help your hungry neighbors around you, because you were prepared. What a wonderful opportunity that would provide!!

In Conclusion,

We hope disaster never hits. But in times such as this, the reality that disaster can happen at any time is all too close to home. It is times like this that help us to remember why we must prepare in order to protect and provide for our families.

Creating a well stocked pantry “home store” provides you convenience & a wonderful money-saving option. This alone makes it a worthy investment. But, in times of trouble, the home store acts as your first line of defence for your family, providing supplies and nutrients and comfort when it may not be available other wise. In this instance your home store goes from a convenient worthy investment to a life saving necessity.

~ Go to TawnysThrivingHome.com to shop products and get the best deals on food storage and emergency preparation products.~

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