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The Bargain Hunting Mom is offering an Independence Day Special you don’t want to miss!

“Just in time for your July 4th celebration the Price Match Report is free this week! Take advantage of this! It’s a great time to stock up on barbecue sauce, sugar, tea bags and more! Down load the report today and give it a try!”

Click Here to hop on over to her blog and download your copy of this weeks Price Match Report today!

Happy 4th of July!!

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Welcome back to 30 Days of Faves! I am so excited to share with you my favorite products each day during the month of June! Don’t forget to check out the other “Divas” favorites from their industry!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite things about Shelf Reliance Parties! It is a program EXCLUSIVE to our company! It is the Double Dip!

Yum! When I hear Double Dip I always think of a tasty ice cream cone piled high with cold yummy goodness!

This double dip is just as sweet!!

As my hostess you are invited to take advantage of this sweet treat we call a double dip! This is a program exclusive to Shelf Reliance Home Parties!

How many times have you hosted a party with a party plan company and you guest eithier didnt order or only ordered a small amount but booked a party? You know you have seen it happen. And you scratch your head and think ‘why?’. You were really looking forward to lots of hostess rewards! Your guest had a blast and booked parties of thier own, but your sales were low. Many times, this is because your guest is ‘saving’ her purchase for her own party. She wants the credit for the sale.

With Shelf Reliance, this is a problem no more!!

We allow our hostess to double dip!! Lets say you are at one of my parties and order $250 worth of products at your friend’s party. This obviously helps her earn more hostess rewards and you are getting a great product at the best price. You had such a great time, you book a party of your own so you can share Shelf Reliance with your friends. Your purchase at your friend’s party will count toward her party sales AND I will count it toward your party sales too!!! This means you are going to start your party with $250 in sales! As an added benefit, sign up for the Q, and your Q will count toward your party sales too! (The Hostess Credit is the Q amount x3)In this example,If you set your Q at $200, your hostess credit will be $600… so, you are starting your party at $850 in sales, and that is before you guest see and taste all our yummy foods!

Shelf Reliance Parties are fun, entertaining & educational!! Hosting a party is easy and earns you lost of rewards and benefits! The Double Dip is an exception program exclusive to Shelf Reliance! Go ahead, Reap The Benefits TWICE!

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Who doesn’t like free? There is a certain high from knowing, you got something for nothing!

Today I am going to tell you about how to add great foods and products to your home store for FREE!

Your home store is your ‘food insurance’ but it is also your ‘basic necessities insurance’. No one like realizing your out of shampoo or other necessities when you need them most! Why not add these items to your store for FREE?

1.Host a Party by Tawny’s Thriving Home

Shelf Reliance is unlike any other Party Plan out there! We have products that can be used by anyone who eats! We have some amazing hostess incentives! My favorite incentive: FREE PRODUCT! You can use your credit toward food, shelving and food rotation systems, outdoor gear or more! Shelf Reliance offers more than just food! As a hostess, you earn 10% of your parties total sales in FREE product!! You can also earn additional half off credit on products! And we have our exclusive double dip incentive! (For example: If you book a party while at Sue’s Party and place an order of $100, Sue gets $100 credit for her party & you will also get to count your purchase toward your party! So you are starting with $100 in sales!!) Hosting a Shelf Reliance Party with me is easy! I do all the hard work for you! I offer exclusive benefits to my hostess, so contact me today for more information! I offer all kinds of parties, online parties, blog parties, book parties, theme parties and more! For more information, Contact Me today!

Hosting a Shelf Reliance Party is a great, fun way to add to your home store for FREE!!


Couponing is a great way to make sure your home store is stocked with all those important items Shelf Reliance doesn’t carry (yet). Have you ever been *in* the shower and realised you were out of shampoo? Your home store should contain these necessary items. This is where couponing comes in! You can stock up on these items for FREE! 

Couponing is easier now than ever before! Everything I know about couponing I learned from The Bargain Hunting Mom

I also love CouponMom.com! It’s free and helps you know when & how to use your coupons to get the very best price!

I am also very excited about The Bargain Hunting Mom’s Price Match Report! With this handy report, I do not have to run all over town matching my coupons to the stores with the best prices to get my free and almost free goodies! I use my report and have Wal-Mart match the prices! Their new price match guarantee policy means I just need to know the sale price and what store it is at. This saves me tons of time and money! And, helps me get lots of free goodies for my home store!!

Couponing is easier now than ever!! 


Your home store is your security net. It is your food insurance. It is convenience. It is healthy food waiting for you. It is quick meals. And it is what you want when you need it.

We all love free. So why not take these great opportunities to stock your home store for free!!

Contact me today to learn how easy it is to get your free goodies at your own Shelf Reliance Party!


~ Go to TawnysThrivingHome.com to shop products and get the best deals on food storage and emergency preparation products.~~Always be in the know… Sign Up for my Newsletter~

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