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Welcome Back! Each day in June I will be sharing one of my favorite Shelf Reliance goodies! Be sure to click the link and check out other Diva’s Favorites from their line!

Today’s Yummy Item:….Drum Roll Please….

Thrive Chopped Freeze Dried Spinach! 

Spinach isn’t just for Popeye these days. We know the benefits of spinach are VAST! SPinach is a supper food full of nutrients. It’s low in calories yet very high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients.

This leafy green is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6. It’s a very good source of protein, phosphorus, vitamin E, zinc, dietary fiber, and copper. Plus, it’s a good source of selenium, niacin, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Spinach is a heart healthy food & has anti-inflammatory properties. Spinach keeps your brain young & is great for eye health, great for your skin & so much more!

The best way to get all of the health benefits from spinach is to eat it raw. Thanks to Thrive, you can now keep raw spinach in your pantry ready for you to use! No more rotting leaves in the crisper drawer! This fresh spinach waits on you!

We have all purchased canned spinach that just taste bland & is full of salt! Yuck! Or you may have experienced the dreaded freezer burned spinach! Double Yuck! With Thrive Freeze Dried Spinach this will never be a problem again!

Thrive Freeze dried spinach can be used in so many ways and with so many recipes! You can use Thrive Freeze Dried Spinach  in sandwiches, salads, pasta, or even dips.

One of my favorite ways to eat Thrive Freeze Dried Spinach is in my Classic Greek Spinach Recipe. Yummy! Even the wee ones eat this dish!

How about a nice green smoothie! Thrive Freeze Dried Spinach makes a great Spinach powder for your healthy smoothies! Green spinach smoothies have numerous health benefits including weight loss, increased energy, & better focus! There are some really yummy green smoothie recipes out there! You are sure to find one you love!

Are you getting the recommended servings of fruits and veggies? Are you throwing money away each month in wasted food? Are you looking for a quick and healthy way to feed your family? Would you like to try Thrive Freeze Dried Spinach? Contact Me Today or Comment Below.

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We love cheese! It adds pizzazz to any dish! Cheese can be pricey and often goes bad before we get to use it. Seems the more expensive the cheese, the more likely it is to go bad in my house! We just don’t use our soft and special cheese. It use to be frustrating problem… But not anymore!!

Thrive Freeze Dries mozzarella is my favorite of the day!

How many times have you been cooking or planning the day’s meal only to realise that you don’t have any Mozzarella Cheese? Now, because of the wonders of freeze dried foods, I have soft yummy always fresh mozzarella waiting for me in my home store.

Would you like more information on creating your own home store? Contact me today!

~ Go to TawnysThrivingHome.com to shop products and get the best deals on food storage and emergency preparation products.~~Always be in the know… Sign Up for my Newsletter~

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You may recall my desperate attempts at finding powdered eggs while attempting the WWII Ration diet. My search for powdered eggs quickly launched me into several “survivalist” & “preppers” websites. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. But after further research, being prepared and food storage was an avenue I had been looking for without even knowing!! After all, I am a BIG fan of homesteading, self sufficiency, going off grid, ect. I wanted some security and convenience to our food. I want a modern-day Victory Garden, Yes, and a small flock of poultry, a calf, and a few goats. But in unpredictable Texas weather, you need a food & survival “insurance policy”. Some of my friends thought I was crazy. Others thought it Typical Tawny.

One BIG selling point to our home is the large walk in pantry. I adore it. As you know I always love buying in bulk. I love to walk into a well-organized fully stocked pantry. It is like having the grocery store right next to your kitchen. I like to plan & prepare meals, I despise last minute trips to the grocery store!! Without a well planned list, my grocery budget is attacked and seems to never recover. 

For about a week after my “once-a-month” grocery trips, we would eat all the yummy fresh produce I had purchased. We wanted to gobble it all up, because, it spoils, after all. Then for 3 weeks we were back to canned goods, frozen foods, and whatever was left in my pantry.

This system just wasnt working. We needed to find a way to 1. Keep the pantry stocked. & 2. Make the fresh produce last longer.

Then like magic THRIVE!!

Well, not magic. But you get the picture. A friend of mine recommended the blog of one of her friends. She said this blogger was very crazy & like minded to me. And, My neighbor!! So, I clicked link to her blog, and WOW! I knew this neighbor would quickly become my friend. We just had too much in common!!

She was a consultant for a new company called Shelf Reliance/Thrive. It was the thing I had been looking for!!! A food rotation system. A Q to help you create a “Home Store”. Best of all: Freeze Dried Produce!!!

Finally! A way to meet my needs!! And a way to feed my family healthy, fresh, produce! With out all the waste!! Produce that would last all month (and then some!!)!

Then I got worried. What if this freeze dried stuff taste terrible??? Today, while visiting with my new friend, I had a chance to try and taste many of the products. I even brought some fruit and eggs home for the Mr to try! I must say, terrible this food is NOT!! I am absolutely addicted to the yummy raspberries! The tasty pineapples!! The flavorful Strawberries!! And the yogurt bites! SO TASTY! And best of all: A tasty, easy, healthy snack!! I can not say enough about how excited I am about these products!!

If you have never tried freeze dried foods, or have been less than happy with them, PLEASE try these products. They will have you hooked!

I’m so excited, I signed up as a consultant!! I’m the newest member of the Shelf Reliance Team!!

Check out my online store.


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