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Let’s face it… One of 2 things (or both!) is happening in your home right now…

1. Your buying too much milk and it turning to cottage cheese in your fridge … Or…
2. Your not buying enough milk, and you spending way to much on ‘milk runs’.

Option one is disgusting and I don’t even wish to discuss it (I have opened way to many stinky milk jugs with out checking the date! YUCK!) We talked a bit about Option 2 in my post “The Home Store Savings”. No one likes putting pencil to paper on those figures!!

So what the solution? Keep milk in your pantry and you’ll never face rancid milk or the dreaded milk run again!!

I know what your thinking… Milk. In my pantry. Gross. More than likely, at some point, you have had that awful powder chalk substance some call ‘powdered milk’. It is gross. So, I understand your hesitation.

But this is NOT your grandmothers disgusting chalk milk! This is yummy delicious THRIVE Instant Milk! And it is YUMMY!!

We PREFER this milk to the milk we buy at the grocery store. It’s that good.

My favorite thing about this milk (other than the yummy yummy taste!) is that I do t have to worry about it going bad!! And I never have to worry about running out! This milk is just waiting for me in my home store. I can milk up one glass or one gallon!!

Why else do I love Thrive Instant milk?
What is one ‘sign of the times’? The cost of a gallon of milk. Milk is NOT getting any cheaper. And in all honesty,in times hard times, it’s often an item we have been forced to give up. Milk is healthy. It’s good for everyone in the family. It’s a ‘comfort item’ for the wee ones. It’s a staple to cooking and baking. Given the option,milk is NOT something I want to willingly give up. By stocking milk in my home store, I am assured that even in hard times, we are going to have milk & we are going to enjoy it!! (Your home store really is your food insurance!) A #10 can of Thrive instant milk makes 5 gallons of milk or more. When you do the math, Thrive instant milk is cheapest than out right buying 5 gallons of milk. And that is at today’s price. Thrive instant milk has a shelf life of 25 years!! Can you imagine what milk is going to cost in 25 years?!?! I’d much rather invest now.

Watching your figure? ( Aren’t we all?!) Thrive instant milk is FAT FREE!!! And has FEWEER Calories than skim milk!! ( Instant Milk 80 cal/ Skim milk 90 cal). All these waist benefits with the taste of real whole milk!! If you’ve some how become acclimated to skim milk, and prefer a weaker taste to your milk, your in luck, with Thrive instant milk, you determine how rich it taste! If you like strong creamy tasting milk, add a bit more milk powder, if you like a skim taste add less powder. It’s that simple!! And Thrive instant milk is loaded with calcium! And we all know calcium helps us too loose weight!! Use a couple of teaspoons of Thrive instant milk in your coffee. You’ll have great tasting coffee & be skipping out on calories, fat, & sugar in many coffee creamers & flavorings.

We love Thrive instant Milk so much, I almost alway add it to my Q, and still purchase it with hostess benefits as well! We use it all the time! (And it’s an item we want be be sure we have in ‘reserve’ in our home store for those unexpected scenarios)

Interested in trying Thrive instant milk? Let me know! I’d love to get you more information on creating your home store & send you a sample of our instant milk for you to try! I know your going to love it!

Ready to order your Thrive instant milk? Browse my store at tawnysthrivinghome.com or click here.

~~How fast does your family use milk? How much milk turns into food waste? Are you interested in creating a home store to also give your family food insurance? Please Share your thoughts in a comment below!~~

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Today I had planned a post on snacking with Thrive foods, but as I opened up WordPress, I was greeted by a post on food waste.

“One category stood out as being accurate and useful—the dead waste. These are not spending decisions, but rather mistakes. The parking ticket, the bank fee, and yes-the food we let rot. Almost everyone in the United States does this to one extent or another. Nobody likes it, and everyone finds themselves annoyed and a little guilty and embarrassed when it happens. So why do we do it?”

The author goes on to give reasons for food waste. You can read the rest of the article here.

This really got me to thinking.

One of the major reasons I started using Thrive foods is to save money and stop food waste.

When it comes to food waste, many of us have the best of intentions. We buy fresh fruits and veggies, hoping to use them. We buy in bulk to save a bit of cash. We save all those left-overs hoping to eat them and save a bit of cash. No one WANTS to waste food. We all feel a bit of guilt about it. After all, many people are in fact starving. And all that food is wasted money!

Here is an embarrassing bit. A sneak Peek at my fridge before Shelf Reliance and Thrive.

My fridge was full of good intentions, crammed full left overs. Everything had its own Tupperware dish.

We have extended family living with us. It seems there is always either too much food or not enough. So with each meal, a little dish of leftovers is added to the over crowded fridge. We forget about the left overs and before you know it, we have mold soup adding to the problem of food waste.

We like to buy in bulk, and make as few trips to the grocery store as possible, so we use to buy a great deal of produce with the intention of eating healthier. With out fail, when I would reach into the fridge to get that “fresh” produce for a delicious recipe, it had spoiled. And we were adding to more food waste.

We all do it. We are all guilty. We all want to change it.

  • Americans toss $75 Billion in food annually.
  •  The average American family throws away 14%  of their food, that’s almost $600 every year in meats, fruit, vegetables and grain products.
  • Americas throw away 96 billion pounds of food annually. That’s 263 million pounds a day. Eleven million pounds an hour. Three thousand pounds a second.
Food Waste is a serious problem!!
But *HOW* do we reduce food waste. Obviously ‘eat your left overs’ and ‘plan your shopping trips’ just isn’t enough!
The How is Shelf Stable foods that can be measured out in usable portions.
For example, With Thrive, you only use what you need. And the rest is stored in the cupboard for up to a year until you are ready to use it again. No more throwing out freezer burned fruits and meats. No more left over veggies from dinner growing mold in the fridge. Use only what you need.
Taco TVP is a BIG hit in my house. Because of the dynamic of our house hold, sometimes its hard to know just how many will be eating dinner at home on any given night. With Thrive, I can easily reconstitute just enough Taco TVP for those I know will be eating at home. If more come in, I easily reconstitute a few more serving without any food waste. (And it only takes about 5 min! I really love that!!)
Because Thrive foods are designed to be shelf stable, you can open a can of corn today, use what you need, and go back to that can a year later and use only what you need once again!
Thrive foods are convenient, easy, fresh, shelf stable, and are truly an easy way to cut back on food waste.
What could your family do with an extra $600 a year saved just by limiting food waste?

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